Fig. 1:
Chris is an illustrator, designer, animator, and filmmaker from Yonkers, NY currently living in Brooklyn. After originally going to school for filmmaking and working in post production, Chris pivoted to design and animation when he attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and graduated with a BFA in motion and graphic design in 2018. He now aims to split his professional time servicing a handful of loyal clients while creating original design and animation content. He also loves a good game of pool.
Fig. 2:
Maggie is a Brooklyn-based Mississippi-raised illustrator, graphic & motion designer.  Having spent too much of her formative years on the internet, Maggie learned the Adobe suite mostly through YouTube tutorials. She now aims to help others interested in design by sharing her work and professional experiences through online communities.
Maggie received her BFA in graphic design from the University of Mississippi in 2019 and moved to New York in January 2020 (great timing, right?) where she and Chris would brainstorm what would become Alrightnice.
For fun, she enjoys caring for her many house plants and studying and speaking the Irish language.
/ ôl rīt nīs/

NOUN proper
a small studio in Brooklyn NY, dedicated to making more than just client work.

expressing satisfaction, approval, or encouragement.